About Us

Redwood Creek Buckarettes is a family owned and operated business whose goal is to provide you with a relaxing, memorable horseback ride.

Guides Taylor, Kimberly, Kaitlyn & Kristina

Sisters Kimberly and Kristina partnered up to offer memorable horseback tours for those coming to visit the majestic, towering Redwoods of Redwood National Park. Junior Buckarettes Kaitlyn and Taylor, Buckarettes in training, can always be found nearby during the summer months.

The family roots run deep in the Orick valley for the Buckarettes. Our family history can be traced back to before civilization as our great, great grandmother was a native American from a nearby village. The Junior Buckaretts are 6th generation residents to the Orick valley.

The Buckarettes have had horses in their lives since they could walk. Early memories include riding with Dad on Thanksgiving day! Junior Buckarettes have been riding all of their life and received their first pony at age 4.  The Buckarettes started giving tours many years ago, in the mid 90’s, with the former concessionaire, Tall Trees Outfitters.

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